FAME Jazz Band Program

MORE than just a BAND!

The FAME Jazz Band Program (FJBP) was established in 2015 as a community-based, year-round initiative that improves students’ musicianship and appreciation for Jazz, and provides opportunities for them to showcase their talents, improve their academic skills, and prepare for college and career success.  The program includes the FAME Jazz Band (FJB)FAME Jazz Ensemble (FJE), and Musicians in Training (MIT).  All participants are selected through live audition.

The FJBP has been recognized by federal, state, and local elected officials, School Systems, National Association of Black County Officials, University of Maryland College Park, Berklee School of Music, and the University of the District of Columbia.

The FAME JAZZ BAND (FJB) is the largest group under the FAME Jazz Band Program umbrella. FJB is comprised of a rhythm section—piano, drums, percussion, guitar, upright and electric bass; brass section—trumpets, trombones; and woodwind section—saxophones (altos, tenor, and baritone).

FAME Jazz Band Program offers up to 30 young musicians:


& College

Preparatory Tutoring

Weekly, individualized tutoring sessions are tailored to each student’s needs and focus on STEM courses and high school and college entrance exams. Sessions are offered during family-friendly weekday and weekend hours throughout the school year.




Students have the opportunity to practice and improve their musical craft within sectional groups and also weekly rehearsals together with the full band.




This engaging, hands-on class is conducted by professional musicians and college professors to help students understand and master the fundamental concepts (notation & rhythm, scales, intervals, chords, harmony) needed to build a solid base of musical knowledge. Group discussions, interactive tools, and personalized feedback help young musicians put these theories into practice every day.


Live Stage


Students have the opportunity to perform at major venues, festivals, and events including the Kennedy Center, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, as well as local venues




Training sessions include study skills, organizational & time management, goal setting, financial literacy, and information technology.



to Serve As Ambassadors

Students represent FAME, Prince George’s County and the state of Maryland in their schools and at local, regional and national events.


Mentoring & Mentorship


Students are mentored by members of the FAME team and serve as mentors to Musicians In Training students.


Fundamentals of Jazz
and Improvisation


Launched in 2019, MIT teaches an entry-level group of young musicians the basic concepts, styles and the fundamentals of jazz and improvisation. This group will perform in recitals and participate in FAME’s annual summer concert.

MIT students participate in the following:

01 Academic Tutoring

03 Music Theory

05 Mentoring

02 Weekly Rehearsals

04 Life Skills


The FAME JAZZ ENSEMBLE (FJE) is a small group of four to nine experienced young musicians who represent FAME through performances of jazz standards and R&B with an emphasis on solo performance and improvisation. 

Musicians are selected based on their past experience with jazz maturity, and the instrumentation required for the ensemble. They have demanding practice and performance schedules and travel to events.

Want the FAME Jazz Band
or Ensemble to Play at Your Event?

Consider jazzing up your next event with music performed by experienced FAME Jazz Band Program musicians.  Whether you need a duet, trio, quartet, or a full band, we have recommendations for you.

Apply for the FAME Jazz Band Program

Applicants must be committed to playing their musical instrument and performing and excelling in jazz music.

If you would like to audition please fill out the form below or contact our offices:

Click here to complete the Musician Request Form

Musician Request Form


Download Forms:

Application Process (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ pdf)

FAME Jazz Band Program Teacher Form (pdf)

FAME JAZZ BAND Auditions Open Flyer (pdf)