Allyn Johnson

Master Class Instructor

Mark serves as music advisor to FAME’s CEO and program managers; and he conducts workshops

Allyn Johnson serves as Master Piano Instructor for all FAME Jazz Band Program pianists and provides one-on-one musical training and performance guidance.  Allyn is the Jazz Studies Director at the University of the District of Columbia. The Jazz Studies Program at the University of the District of Columbia where premier collegiate jazz ensembles are produced.  

Allyn Johnson is a native multi-talented musician, composer, arranger and producer whose trademark sound gives brilliance and fortitude to the art of jazz improvisation.  In 2019, he saluted the women and men behind the Apollo 11 mission with an ensemble debuting a new suite – written in honor of the moon landing.    The suite, commissioned by NEWorks Productions, explored the intense emotion of the experience and its aftermath for the astronauts.  It also foregrounds behind the scenes contributors who helped to put the first humans on the moon the “hidden figures.”