Executive Director’s Message

Hello and Welcome to FAME – Foundation for the Advancement of Music & Education!

Since 2004, FAME has graciously served as a host in countless endeavors that have embodied our fundamental message and mission– to nurture, support, and encourage the talents of young people. Through the years, the community has come to know that FAME speaks unabashedly for artists of every expression (music, dance, visual arts, and theatre).

In a deliberate effort to create artistic opportunities to a wider range of students and young people, we have partnered with several groups ranging from celebrated musicians, professional athletic teams, public schools, government entities, media outlets, theatres and dance companies.  We have furnished school music programs with new & used instruments. We have sponsored summer music technology and academic programs, giving students access to the finest instructors and technology in the music business and live musical theatre. This is all in an effort to provide equal access to the arts for the youth of all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. FAME is grateful that our team of partners, many of whom provided financial resources, venues, and people power, also share in this vision.

Your contributions (monetary, volunteers, instruments) and our annual fundraising concerts enable FAME to continue to do this necessary work. We extend much gratitude to all of our donors and sponsors over the years who continue to make this event possible.  Please see “Events” for details regarding upcoming events that feature local and national artists for a diverse, intergenerational and cultural experience.

As we move through this new and exciting year of possibilities, what we know for sure is that we will remain true to our fundamental message and mission to provide equal access to music and the arts for the youth of all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

Thank you to our staff, volunteers and board members who have supported our mission to bringing equity to the arts.