John Ray

Board of Directors

John Ray retired from the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) in January 2014

John Ray retired from the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) in January 2014 after serving at GSA for 40 years.  Mr. Ray was presented the GSA Administrator’s Exceptional Service Award at his retirement:  

“In recognition of 40 years as the GSA in-house encyclopedic knowledge of information technology policy and history including government-wide teleprocessing services, the IT schedules and tracking and

analysis of legislation that has saved GSA many onerous negative impacts”. 

Mr. Ray joined GSA in February 1974 where he served with the then Requirements Coordination Branch in the then Automated Data and Telecommunications Service.  He was promoted in August 1977 and became program manager of the then Teleprocessing Services Program (TSP) which was a Government-wide program for acquiring commercial computing services and support services (now known as Cloud services) using TSP Multiple Award Schedule Contracts and Basic Agreements for negotiated procurements.  In the early 1980s significant enhancements were added to the TSP schedule contracts which allowed schedule contractors to offer discounts for individual procurements without triggering the schedule contract price reduction clause and to provide analytical support and programming services through task orders issued with orders for computing services.  

He managed the TSP until early 1989 when he transferred to what is now the Office of Information Integrity and Access in the GSA Office of Government-wide Policy where he served as Executive Advisor until his retirement.  His responsibilities included maintaining a continuous awareness and understanding of draft Office of Management and Budget memorandums and directives, draft GSA issuances and draft legislation on information technology acquisition topics and providing comments for internal and external review.

Prior to joining GSA My Ray was employed by electronics companies in Los Angeles and Washington DC.  He was appointed to the then Litton Industries Washington DC Office in September 1960 where he was responsible for marketing tactical control systems, tactical and commercial class computer systems and support services to Department of Defense agencies, primarily the Army and Air Force.  This included visiting Army and Air Force field and headquarters organizations, staff offices of the Secretary of Defense and joint staff offices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

After graduating from college in January 1953, Mr. Ray served on active duty for two years with the U.S. Air Force from November 1953 to October 1955.  After attending Officers Communications School, he reported to the then Air Force Security Service Security Wing near Tokyo Japan.   He was assigned with the Wing Communications-Electronics Office as special projects officer which included visiting wing locations in the Far East.  He prepared two reports on emerging program topics that were submitted to higher headquarters.

Mr. Ray is an Air Force ROTC Graduate of Washington State University (WSU) with a BA in Business Administration, January 1953.  He attended the WSU Graduate School of Economics for one semester.  He attended the UCLA Graduate School of Business part time while working in Los Angeles CA.