Tribute to Ian Thomas, baritone

As we celebrate the accomplishments and plans of our graduates, they are with heavy hearts because their fellow musician, Ian Thomas,  isn’t graduating with them.  Ian passed on March 6th. He was a senior at Henry A. Wise Jr. High School, and was planning to major in music. Although he was only with us for a year he was a dedicated member of the FAME Jazz Band Program.  Ian was a member of the FAME Jazz Band, the FAME Jazz Ensemble, and attended weekly STEM tutoring, and Music Theory — he put in the work needed to ensure that he ended the year at the top in all areas.  Dr. Knight, reminisces that “Ian came into his audition with confidence, charm, a big smile, and one of the most beautiful baritone saxophones ever. We knew immediately that he was going to ace the audition and be a good fit for our music organization.

He became the anchor of the saxophone section and showed great leadership and responsibility with great rigor. He was very cooperative was always prepared.”

Ian left an unforgettable mark on all our hearts.  Rest in peace!